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I originally set up this blog to help foreigners have an enjoyable experience when visiting the western cape wineries in South Africa.

I realised that it is very difficult for a tourist to choose where to go and which wineries to visit, when you have 600+ wine producers to choose from.

When I first moved to SA December 2010, my palate struggled to adjust to SA wine, b
ut after living here for a while and after visiting over 100+ wine estates, I have found many wines which I really like and can highly recommend.

Admittingly, when you come from another country it is hard not to compare the wine in SA to what you are used to back home. However, once you realise they are not the same (they have their own characteristics due to the different soil, climate etc) and appreciate their wines for being SA wines, it will improve your opinion and experience of the wines immediately.

If you are staying in SA for a while, don't dispair, your palate will change, and you will soon find yourself liking SA wine over your home countries wine!!

I hope my blog will help wine lovers have an enjoyable wine experience while in SA.

Please note: I am not a wine connoisseur. The comments I write about the wine is mostly for my own benefit of having them on record.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011


After I picked up some MCC from Morena a.k.a Franschhoek Pass Winery I went to Boekenhoutskloof winery.

I was surprised to see so many cars leaving as I was driving up the driveway. It turns out, I had just missed a busy period. This was great timing as it meant I had fantastic service!!

I like the porcupine art on the way in to the tasting room, its very cool. I like the cartoon people standing around the tasting room.I also like the spittoons, they are very stylish. The whole place was stylish, funky and had a great vibe.

Once seated, I was given a list of wines, and informed that only 6 of the wines are opened each day for a tasting and therefore was given another list showing which ones they were for that day. They chose one wine from the Boekenhoutskloof estate wine list, the chocolate block flagship wine, a few from the Porcupine and Wolftrap list.

I started with the Porcupine Ridge Sauvignon Blanc 2011 (R40). It was crisp, refreshing, had an interesting fruity flavour, and a lingering aftertaste. I liked this wine. Next I tried The Wolftrap 2010 (R40). It is a Viognier, Chenin Blanc, Grenache Blanc. This was buttery, creamy, and had body! Then I tried the Porcupine Ridge 2010 (R50) which is 70% Viognier and 30% Grenache Blanc. It was very nice. It was smooth on the palate and nicely balanced. This was followed by the Boekenhoutskloof Semillon 2009, which was soft, balanced, nice, had lovely structure, body and had a beautiful flavour. The Porcupine Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon was a real surprise for me!! I wasn't going to bother trying it but I am so glad I did!!! It was smooth, had a slight coffee flavour, was light and I loved it!! I bought two bottles of this wine. I truly couldn't believe I had found a red wine I liked and it was a cab sauv!! hehe. The sixth wine I tried was the Procupine Ridge Syrah Viognier 2010 (R50). It was slightly dry, little spicy and very nicely balanced!! This wine would go great with food. I wondered if the slight pepper flavour was what gave it a slightly dry feeling on the palate.... The lady serving me was very kind to let me try two other wines, so I ended up trying eight wines. The two I haven't mentioned yet are: The Chocolate Block (R175) which is nice and has lovely character and the Boekenhoetskloof Syrah 2009 which I thought was amazing!! It was spicy, had hints of cherries and dark chocolate. Apparently this wine is sold out before it's even bottled!! For those who noticed, I have not put prices beside the Boekenhoetskloof wines, this is because you can only order them if you are on the mailing list. If you want to buy these wines you have to take 12 bottles which comes at a cost of R4000.

Just as I was finishing my tasting, the place filled up with visitors. It seems this place is quite popular!!
Be sure to visit this winery when you visit Franschhoek!! Oh, and guess what? A tasting here is free!! Like it!! :-)

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