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I originally set up this blog to help foreigners have an enjoyable experience when visiting the western cape wineries in South Africa.

I realised that it is very difficult for a tourist to choose where to go and which wineries to visit, when you have 600+ wine producers to choose from.

When I first moved to SA December 2010, my palate struggled to adjust to SA wine, b
ut after living here for a while and after visiting over 100+ wine estates, I have found many wines which I really like and can highly recommend.

Admittingly, when you come from another country it is hard not to compare the wine in SA to what you are used to back home. However, once you realise they are not the same (they have their own characteristics due to the different soil, climate etc) and appreciate their wines for being SA wines, it will improve your opinion and experience of the wines immediately.

If you are staying in SA for a while, don't dispair, your palate will change, and you will soon find yourself liking SA wine over your home countries wine!!

I hope my blog will help wine lovers have an enjoyable wine experience while in SA.

Please note: I am not a wine connoisseur. The comments I write about the wine is mostly for my own benefit of having them on record.

Friday, 24 February 2012


A colleague and I visited Villiera Friday after work.

There were quite a lot of people in the tasting room when we got there, with only one staff member. Surprisingly he did amazingly well to handle so many people all by himself.

Villiera is a nice winery. The tasting room is modern and welcoming, the staff are friendly and informative and there is a variety of wine to try, including French wine.

We started off with the Cap Classique tastings and unfortunately one hour did not allow us to try much else as we ran out of time. Of the Cap Classiques we tried, I really liked the Tradition Brut Rose at R68 a bottle. It had a really nice fruity flavour, was crisp and refreshing. The Munro Brut 2006 was more aged, more rounded and smooth, it was very nice. This sells for R120 a bottle.

Of the white wines we tried, I liked the Sauvignon Blanc 2011 at R45 a bottle. It had tropical fruity flavour, was rounded, and easy drinking.

This winery offers Game Reserve wine tastings also. They hold them monthly, and include a wine tasting, light meal and a game drive. They usually advertise this on http://www.wine.co.za/. If you are interested in attending be sure to look out for it on that website.

I would recommend visiting this winery, as the wine tasting experience was very good.

Stellenbosch Hills

After visiting Vredenheim, we quickly went down the road to Stellenbosch Hills to buy some wine. I had tried their wine at the Good Food and Wine Show last year. I loved their wine and especially loved their prices!!!
We decided to do a tasting while at this winery, as we hadn't been here before.

The building is nice on the inside, there is a big tasting room for big groups and there is a smaller tasting room for smaller groups. The place is clean, modern and nicely designed. The service was very good here, we were well looked after.

Stellenbosch Hills Winery has three labels. They have the Polkadraai Range, the Stellenbosch Hills Cultivar Collection and the 1707 Reserve Range.

What I love about the wine at Stellenbosch Hills is that the wine tastes good and they are very reasonably priced!! For example their Polkadraai Chenin Blanc/Sauvignon blanc 2011 is only R26 a bottle. Their Stellenbosch Hills Sauvignon Blanc 2011 is only R36 a bottle. Even their reserve range is reasonably priced at R82 for a 1707 Red Reserve 2007 which they have limited stock of.

I recommend coming here and I recommend stocking up on their wine!!

Cellar Door Hours (tasting & wine sales)

Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm;
Saturday 10am – 3pm;
Sunday Closed

I see online that they do a biltong and wine pairing: Taste six of the Stellenbosch Hills wines, perfectly paired with a biltong and droëwors selection. The tasting takes between 30 minutes and an hour, depending on the participation level, and size of the group. Bookings can be made by e-mailing or phone
+27 (0)21 881 3828.
The cost is R40.00 per person. Booking is essential.